Map of Destruction appeared in Ukraine


On Wednesday, June 22, Ukraine launched the Destruction Map, a digital platform that records the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It contains photographs of destroyed or damaged civilian objects: houses, schools, churches, stadiums, etc.

1,543 destroyed objects have already been recorded on the online map, according to the authors of the Anti-Corruption Headquarters NGO project.

“A counter has been installed on the site – and it has not stopped for a single day. Our map is unique: unlike other similar resources, it contains a photo of the building before “denazification,” said Serhiy Mitkalik, Chairman of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Headquarters.

Anyone can share evidence of the crimes of the occupiers if they have a photo of the destruction and can mark at least an approximate location.

It is noted that the Destruction Map was created in order to help rebuild Ukraine after the war.

“The first step in this process is to fix the destruction. And only then – to assess the damage and raise funds for restoration. Economic calculations are carried out by specialists from the Kyiv School of Economics, the Russia Will Pay project, as well as the government,” the organization says.

Also, photographs from the map are used in The Hague as evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

The project is aimed specifically at foreigners: information about the destruction is given both in Ukrainian and in English.

After the end of the war, the Destruction Map is planned to be merged with the Repair Map, a project that tracks the abuse of the budget for repairs.

The Anti-Corruption Headquarters organization has been working on the map since the first days of the war, but presented it only after the approval of the Ministry of Defense on June 22.