Opposition Platform for Life party banned in Ukraine


The Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal on Monday, June 20, satisfied the claim of the Ministry of Justice to ban the activities of the Opposition Platform – For Life party, Rukh Chesno reports.

By a court decision, the property of the political force was transferred to the benefit of the state.

The decision can be appealed within 20 days to the Supreme Court.

It is noted that the consideration of the case on the ban of HLEs lasted longer than all other cases on the ban of parties. It is also the first party that defends itself and participates in the consideration of the case.

The Opposition Platform for Life has become the 11th party whose activities are banned by court order.

By a court decision, the Left Opposition Party, the Shariy Party, the Socialist Party, the Derzhava Party, the Opposition Bloc, the Socialist Party, the Justice and Development Party, the NASHI Party, the Vladimir Saldo Bloc Party have already been banned.