US ready to arm Ukraine for years


Ukraine as a sovereign state will remain, and it will have its own army, which needs to be armed. The US is addressing this issue. This statement was made by First Deputy Pentagon Chief Kathleen Hicks at the Defense One Tech summit on Monday, June 13.

“Looking at the longer term, I think we can assure ourselves today that the country called UKRAINE will survive, that it will be a sovereign country and that this country will have armed forces that will have to protect it. Therefore, looking ahead, we decide what kind of means Ukrainians will need for self-defense in the long term,” she said.

According to Hicks, the United States intends, together with NATO partners, to develop the defense potential of Ukraine in the next 5, 10 and 20 years, if necessary. At the same time, Washington decides two questions: what weapons to transfer to Kyiv and what training the Ukrainian military will need.

“The good news is that the United States has been actively cooperating with the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a long time,” the deputy minister noted.