Zelensky explained why “Poroshenko’s channels” were removed from the air

Петр Порошенко

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to the head of the President’s Office, said that Channel 5, Direct and Espresso, related to the pool of Petro Poroshenko, were disconnected from the digital air, allegedly due to the “narcissism” of the fifth president of Ukraine and “destructive information technologies”.

In early May, the Pryamiy and Pyaty TV channels reported that the Radio Broadcasting, Radio Communications and Television Concern (RRT) illegally cut them off from broadcasting. The same was stated on the Espresso channel.

According to the adviser to the head of the OP, this happened because the issue of a unified information policy of the country during the war was on the agenda.

“Partly (the indicated channels broadcast the national telethon – UP) – yes. And in part, they broadcast a person who is very in love with himself. We have a lot of narcissists, I understand that our policy is built on narcissism as such, we often sell daffodils.

So, this man, in love with himself, indirect owner of the channels, I don’t really understand why during the war this narcissism, his narratives are sold in this form within the framework of a single information package.

Details: To the remark that the same can be said about “narcissists who are now parasitizing on the air of a nationwide telethon,” the adviser to the head of the OP replied that “the damage caused by the subject (Poroshenko) is much greater.”

“Because narcissism, when you just sell yourself because you want to monetize at a certain level, is one thing. It’s unprofessional, but it’s a small detriment. And another thing is when you still can’t come to terms with the loss. And in order to somehow subconsciously compensate for this, you can use any destructive information technology.”

Espresso was answered that the channel never belonged to Poroshenko. They call the limitation of the broadcast a threat to European integration and democracy. In addition, the channel notes that Podolyak’s statements may become “the subject of consideration by law enforcement agencies and the National Security and Defense Council.”

Espresso: “Podolyak’s statement is a confirmation that the shutdown of Espresso from T2 is political in nature and is a persecution of freedom of speech in Ukraine, and there are no legal grounds for this …

Espresso has been trying for two months to find out the reason for the illegal disconnection of the channel from T2. The National Security and Defense Council and other state bodies say they have nothing to do with this. The adviser to the head of the Office of the President, who is not authorized to comment on these issues at all, explains the shutdown of the channel for political reasons.”

The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting reported that it had not made a decision to turn off the Direct, Channel 5 and Espresso TV channels. The PRT concern advised to apply for information on this matter to the National Council and the National Security and Defense Council.

Back in November 2021, due to the law on oligarchs, the fifth president, Petro Poroshenko, sold the corporate rights to the Direct and Channel 5 TV channels to the new Svobodnye Media media holding, which was created by the media people of these channels.