Russians have already stolen 500 thousand tons of grain in Ukraine

Россия украла у Украины 500 тыс. тонн зерна

The Russian occupiers have already removed from Ukraine about 400-500 thousand tons of grain worth over $100 million. This was announced on Thursday, May 12, by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with a reference to the head of the department, Dmitry Kuleba.

The minister made his statement after the appearance of publications in the media that a Russian ship with Ukrainian grain had moored off the coast of Syria. Thus, the American television channel CNN published satellite images, in which the Russian bulk carrier Matros Pozynych, one of the three ships involved in the trade in grain stolen from Ukraine, stands off the coast of Syria.

Россия украла у Украины 500 тыс. тонн зерна

According to media reports, on April 27, the ship weighed anchor off the coast of Crimea and turned off the transponder. Two weeks later, he arrived in Syria.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stated that almost all ships leaving Sevastopol with grain are transporting stolen Ukrainian products.

“Russia is a triple criminal: bombed Syria, occupied part of Ukraine, and now sells stolen Ukrainian grain to Syria. I would like to remind the participants of this deal: stolen goods have never brought happiness to anyone. Everyone involved in the sale, transportation or purchase of stolen grain is an accomplice in the crime. Your actions will have adequate international legal consequences. We will do everything to make your life as difficult as possible,” Kuleba threatened.

At the same time, the diplomat recalled that Egypt and Lebanon refused to buy the loot.

Earlier, intelligence officers of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported about the transportation of stolen Ukrainian grain by Russia to Syria with its subsequent transportation to the countries of the Middle East. According to them, in addition to grain, the occupiers export large volumes of vegetables from the occupied territories – beets, potatoes, cabbage.