Pro-Russian parties banned in Ukraine


The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the ban on pro-Russian parties in Ukraine, which defines a clear list of grounds, following from which the activities of the political force are prohibited. In particular, in the case of justifying a war against our country, or glorifying the persons involved in this aggression.

As Alexander Klyuzhev, an analyst at the OPORA civil network, explains, bill No. 7172-1 on the ban on pro-Russian political forces, which was put forward by the Servant of the People, does not imply anything fundamentally new.

According to him, the legislation already contains a procedure for how to terminate the activities of parties, but the proposed document somewhat expands the grounds for their ban and simplifies judicial procedures.

The list of reasons such as propaganda of war, communism, Nazism, violation of sovereignty and the Constitution, seizure of power and threat to security, the authors of the project propose to add two more points. The first is the justification or denial of armed aggression against Ukraine and the interpretation of Russia’s war as an internal civil conflict.

And the second reason is the glorification or justification of all those who participate in the aggression against Ukraine, in particular the Russian occupation leaders, while calling them “militia” is also impossible. It should be noted that if a party falls under the ban, its people’s deputies do not lose their mandates.

According to Klyuzhev, this document expands the possibilities to respond to the illegal activities of political parties, especially under martial law.

“But the process will still require the collection and confirmation of evidence and other information about the activities of political parties. Therefore, this is more likely a procedural improvement of the current legislation – approaches to the ban on parties are not radically revised, ”Klyuzhev said.

So, all cases on the ban on political parties will be considered urgent – a month for the first instance and an appeal, follows from the draft, and if the court recognizes the evidence of a violation as weighty, then in addition to the ban on the political force itself, all its property, funds and assets can be transferred to state property.

“The bill defines a clear and exhaustive list of grounds. In addition, in any case, all the facts and evidence of involvement in pro-Russian activities are evaluated by the court. And the decision is made by the court. Even if someone fears that the suspension may be through the National Security and Defense Council, this is only a temporary solution. Further, it will be checked by the court, ”one of the initiators of the document, the representative of the Verkhovna Rada in the Constitutional Court, Olga Sovgirya (SN), told RBC-Ukraine.

At the same time, the presidential representative in the Constitutional Court Fyodor Venislavsky explains that even if a member of a particular party on its behalf made statements that can be regarded as collaborationist or anti-Ukrainian, such political forces will be subject to a ban.

Recall that yesterday, on May 3, the Verkhovna Rada finally banned the activities of pro-Russian parties in Ukraine. 330 people’s deputies voted for the relevant decision.