Russian Nazis raped children


The Attorney General does not rule out that there will be many more cases of sexual violence when the war ends and when the victims are no longer afraid to speak.

In Borodyanka, Kyiv region, during its occupation, cases of sexual violence against an elderly woman and children were recorded. This was announced on Thursday, April 7, during a telethon by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova.

“People have experienced terrible tragedies, people are still where they are afraid. If we were talking about sexual violence, it is. Moreover, sexual crimes are committed not only against women, but against men! Today, in Borodyanka, the fact of raping a grandmother was recorded! Children!” said the Attorney General.

She noted that there are probably more sexual crimes than is known today.

“Victims are intimidated, victims are afraid to speak! We have some victims in Western Ukraine, some victims are already abroad. They communicate only with those non-governmental organizations and priests whom they trust. Therefore, of course, we will work it out as much as possible in the sensory space. But this is not a story that there should be an investigative woman, this is a story that there should be only one interrogation so that the victim is constantly “not pulled” … This is a story about preparing the victim of sexual violence morally and providing her with rehabilitation, ” Venediktova emphasized.

She also emphasized that sexual crimes during wartime are also war crimes that do not have a statute of limitations for prosecution.