Reduced fuel prices published


The Ministry of Economy published on Friday, March 18, the average cost of fuel after the decision to reduce prices.

Thus, the recommended price for gasoline is UAH 28.87 / liter, and for diesel fuel – UAH 32.05 / liter (gas station) as of mid-March.

Taking into account the marginal trade margins, the maximum price for gasoline for its sale through the filling station network should not exceed UAH 33.42/liter, for diesel fuel – UAH 37.05/liter.

Thus, due to the zeroing of the excise tax on fuel by the Verkhovna Rada and the reduction of the VAT rate to 7% from 20%, the price of gasoline for mid-March was reduced by 10.1 UAH/liter, for diesel fuel – by 7.9 UAH/liter.

The Cabinet of Ministers allowed the circulation of Euro-3 and Euro-4 eco-standard fuels. The innovations will remain in effect until the end or cancellation of martial law in Ukraine.