⚡️ Rada approved the introduction of a state of emergency

Чрезвычайное положение

The Verkhovna Rada at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, February 23, supported the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on the introduction of a state of emergency in Ukraine with 335 votes.

The state of emergency comes into force on February 24 and will last for 30 days. This period may be extended later.

The state of emergency provides:

  • Special entry-exit regime, vehicle inspection (if necessary),
  • Ban on mass events and strikes (if necessary, the ban is established by the court),
  • Curfew (not in all cities, according to the authorities),
  • Checking documents, searches of citizens and housing (if necessary),
  • Prohibition for conscripts and persons liable for military service to change registration without the permission of the military registration and enlistment office. Also a ban on their travel abroad,
  • The prohibition on the dissemination of information that may “destabilize the situation”,
  • Special regulation of communications and the Internet,
  • Temporary or irretrievable evacuation of the population may be carried out – with the provision of alternative housing.

On the eve of the possibility of introducing a state of emergency, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy discussed at a meeting with security officials and heads of Rada factions.

And today this decision was approved at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council.