TV channel “DOM” cost the budget in December 2021 533 million hryvnias


State budget expenditures for the maintenance of the DOM TV channel and UATV in December 2021 amounted to UAH 533 million.

RBC-Ukraine writes about this with a link to the data of the official website of public finance on all payments made by the State Enterprise Multimedia Platform for Foreign Broadcasting of Ukraine.

From December 1 to December 31, 2021, the state-owned enterprise made 575 payments in favor of 151 counterparties for a total of UAH 532.5 million. Compel LLC received the largest amount — UAH 140.9 million, as payment for television equipment. Ukrkinofest public organization and Star Media LLC received UAH 34 million each for the production of audiovisual products.

UAH 23 million were transferred to the accounts of 37 sole proprietors, for advertising, scenery development and other services. According to the management of DOM, advertising is needed so that the channel is recognized by migrants throughout the country, and not just residents of the occupied territories. According to Detector Media, UAH 30 million has been allocated from the state budget for advertising.

In general, the state spent UAH 348.7 million ($12.8 million) on DOM and UATV — both included in the Multimedia Foreign Broadcasting Platform of Ukraine — in 2021. The budget for 2022 has grown by almost UAH 14 million.

About 70% of this money goes to DOM and 30% to UATV, says media expert Andrey Solomakha.