Dmitry Dubilet received an official notification of suspicion of intellectual property theft

Дмитрий Дубилет

It became known that Dmitry Dubilet and his companies Fintech Farm LLC (Ukraine), Fintech Farm (London) received an official notification from the British lawyers of Fintech Band LLC (the owner of Monobank) about suspicion of theft of intellectual property.

In a notification from Dmitry Dubilet, they demanded clarifications on the current situation, otherwise an official statement will be sent to the international anti-fraud bodies, which threatens with serious consequences, up to imprisonment.

The document provides evidence from lawyers regarding the theft of Monobank’s intellectual property, namely:

  • the Leobank online banking platform offers the same functions as the Monobank online banking platform;
  • Leobank uses the same color schemes and has a similar user interface;
  • Leobank used the image of a bank card with the Monobank card number on its advertisement.

Recall that in December 2021, it became known that the ex-co-owner of Monobank, Dmitry Dubilet, launched his Leobank product in Azerbaijan. After this news, information appeared about the conflict between Monobank and former partner Dmitry Dubilet. The project of Dmitry Dubilet visually turned out to be a copy of Monobank, and can be copied technically.