Monobank and Dubilet are trying to resolve a legal dispute

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The owners of Monobank and Dmitry Dubilet are trying to resolve the legal dispute through negotiations, but if they fail, the case will be considered in an English court. This was reported in the law firm AVELLUM, representing the interests of one of the shareholders of Monobank.

“Now the dispute between the owners of Monobank and Mr. Dmitry Dubilet has not been resolved, although the parties have held several rounds of substantive negotiations. If these negotiations do not ultimately lead to a constructive solution that satisfies all parties and protects the interests of Monobank and all its participants, the dispute will most likely be resolved in an English court,” the company said.

They also noted that the recent attraction of investments from Fintech Farm, which belongs to Dubilet, does not directly affect the situation and the possible development of the conflict.

“At the same time, when considering a dispute, the English court can apply a fairly wide list of interim measures in relation to the property of the defendants, including Dubilet Fintech Farm. If the English court decides to freeze accounts and assets while the dispute is being considered, this may even affect investors’ funds,” the company noted.

It should be noted that the conflict between Monobank and Dubilet became known after the latter created Leobank in Azerbaijan. The new Dubilet project turned out to be visually very similar to Monobank.