Usyk won

Усик стал обладателем поясов WBA, WBO, IBF и IBO в супертяжелом весе!

On the evening of September 25, at the home arena of Tottenham in London, the capital of England, a boxing show from the promotion company Matchroom Boxing took place.

The main event was a 12-round fight, in which the Ukrainian Alexander Usik (18–0, 13 KOs) and Anthony Joshua from Great Britain (24–1, 22 KOs) faced off. At stake were the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles held by the Briton.

Two Olympic champions of London 2012 had a big championship fight. Entering the ring in a spacesuit suit, Usyk kissed the Ukrainian flag. Alexander’s boxer shorts bore the name of his son Mikhail.

As expected, Usyk looked more mobile and Joshua more powerful. Alexander circled around the opponent, trying to get closer and break through. Sometimes he succeeded. Joshua shot from a distance in twos.

Towards the middle of the battle, Usyk’s advantage began to emerge, who took several rounds and presented Joshua with difficult problems. Anthony tried to find the opponent’s painful points, but it did not work, and Usyk hit the opponent over and over again. Anthony was discouraged and didn’t know what to do. And he only missed and missed the stinging blows from the Usyk. It was a very intense fight!

Closer to the 10th round, there was less movement in the ring. Joshua was clearly not like himself in the ring. His signature attack, which everyone remembered in the battle against Vladimir Klitschko, did not work. Here everything went under the control of Usik.

In the end, Joshua had problems with his right eye, and due to the hematoma, the eye just closed! True, Anthony also got in sometimes, and blood appeared on Usyk’s face due to the dissection. The Ukrainian endured it perfectly and at the end of the 12th round gave out a powerful attack, leaving no doubt about the winner of the battle!

Usyk showed smart boxing, defeated Joshua on points and took 4 belts from the Briton!

The score of the judges’ notes: 117-112, 116-112, 115-113 in favor of Usik.

Usyk became the owner of the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight belts!

Усик стал обладателем поясов WBA, WBO, IBF и IBO в супертяжелом весе! Усик стал обладателем поясов WBA, WBO, IBF и IBO в супертяжелом весе!