Kharkiv Regional Administrative Court invalidates City Council decision on regional status of Russian language


Kharkiv Regional Administrative Court sustained the claim of acting the head of the local prosecutor’s office No. 1 on recognizing as illegal and invalid the decision of the city council, which gave the Russian language the status of a regional language in the city.

“In order to recognize as illegal and invalid from February 28, 2018 decision of the Kharkiv City Council on the implementation of the provisions of the law of Ukraine on the foundations of national language policy in the city of Kharkiv No. 788/12 dated August 20, 2012,” according to the decision of judge Anastasia Moroko, released on the site of the unified state register of court decisions.

As indicated in the reasoning part of the document, on February 28, 2018, the Constitutional Court recognized the norms of the law on the foundations of national language policy as inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine, in pursuance of which the relevant decision of Kharkiv City Council was adopted.

After the decision of the court in force, its operative part on the recognition of the normative legal act as illegal and invalid must be immediately published by the City Council in the same publication in which it was officially promulgated.

An appeal against the decision of the District Administrative Court can be filed within 30 days from the date of its full text (May 20).

The court decision comes into legal force upon the expiration of the time limit for filing an appeal by all participants in the case, if the appeal has not been filed.

In the case of filing an appeal, the decision, if it is not canceled, comes into legal force upon the return of the appeal, refusal to open or close the appeal proceedings, or the adoption of a decision by the court of appeal based on the results of the appeal review.