The largest Museum of agitation and political trash appeared in Ukraine


The Museum of Agitation and Political Trash has appeared in Ukraine, the CESNO Public Movement reported. It is indicated that this is the first online museum on the topic of political agitation.

The NGO noted that the project was created in order to preserve political memory among Ukrainians, as well as to provide an opportunity to trace the evolution of political culture. In particular, various online exhibitions show what messages politicians use to communicate with voters.

The base for the museum was the Archive of Political Agitation, which covers materials of various content and form, from the 90s with leaflets by Vyacheslav Chornovil and Leonid Kravchuk to the present with Shoper and masks against coronavirus. In total, the collection consists of about 3 thousand exhibits.

CESNO added that the online museum continues the offline exhibitions of the Electoral Thrash Museum. In 2019, the exhibition could be visited at the National Museum of the History of Ukraine, and last year the project went to the regions. The online format of the created museum is dictated by today’s realities.

“This is really the largest collection of campaigning and electoral trash in Ukraine. Here you can trace the entire evolution of agitation – from the first newspapers and television series. It is very important not only to preserve political memory, but to form a qualitatively new political culture in the campaigning processes. During election campaigns, politicians should forget about trash campaigning and buckwheat activities. Voters should expect new approaches from them – the formation of a community development strategy, program promises and their fulfillment. In the meantime, it looks like most of the programs of politicians that we have in our collection are a graveyard of election promises, ”said Vita Dumanskaya, leader of the CHESNO movement.

The first three exhibitions were presented by Vita Dumanskaya (exhibition “Easter Buckwheat”), editor-in-chief of “Ukrainska Pravda” Sevgil Musaeva (“Battle for the Mace”) and communications officer of the National Memory Archive Daria Rogachuk (“90s: how statehood was created”). It is indicated that every citizen can replenish the campaign collection.

As a reminder, before the 2020 local elections, political parties spent more than UAH 70 million on Facebook ads. At the time, the civil network OPORA indicated that the advertising campaign on the social network was especially intense in the last few weeks before the elections. If in September various political parties spent $ 30 thousand a day on advertising on social networks, then in October this amount is equal to $ 150 thousand a day.

Before the second round of city mayoral elections, which took place in 11 cities of Ukraine, mayoral candidates spent more than $ 200,000 on campaigning in social networks.