Judge Vovk helped Kolomoisky’s people solve one of PrivatBank’s cases worth UAH 9.2 billion

Судья Вовк помогал людям Коломойского решить одно из дел

The scandalous head of OASK Pavel Vovk helped the people of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in solving one of the cases of PrivatBank. This is the conclusion reached by the journalists of Slidstvo.Info, who had at their disposal the recordings of the conversation in the office of the head of the Kiev District Administrative Court.

In May 2019, Vovka was approached by his colleague Vadim Bosyi, deputy head of the Kyiv Economic Court. At that time, he was just considering a case in which the oligarch Kolomoisky was the plaintiff. He demanded that credit agreements and surety agreements be declared invalid.

The National Bank reported that in 2016, while still a co-owner of Privatbank, Kolomoisky entered into several surety agreements with the institution. The price of the issue is UAH 9.2 billion. Despite the fact that after a while the bank was nationalized, Kolomoisky still remained a debtor to the NBU.

Therefore, Barefoot, having come to judge Vovka, asked him, “is anyone interested in this case”. After that, the head of the OASK decided to “help”, so he made a call to one of his acquaintances from Kolomoisky’s entourage.

“Tell me, please, you don’t do it personally, this is the same, remember, a painful question, very, very painful? “Beards” (probably talking about Igor Kolomoisky. – Ed.) Is the most important question, “Vovk said to his interlocutor.

The plaintiff in this case, as evidenced by the data of the court register, was Kolomoisky. The recordings of the conversation indicate that Judge Barefoot wanted Vovk to give him advice on making a decision in this case.

“Well, the surname there is“ Beni ”, you understand, and the performer is Barefoot, Barefoot Vadik. Well, he just arrived, he said: “What should I do? Everyone walks [like] some kind of schlepper, it is not clear what, without specifics, who is interested in it or not at all? ” – this is how Judge Vovk conveyed the essence of the case to his colleague.

Judge Barefoot in June 2020 satisfied the claim of the oligarch Kolomoisky – contracts for 9.2 billion hryvnia were declared invalid.

The National Bank, commenting on the situation, noted that Judge Barefoot was biased in this case, so they are trying to overturn his decision in higher courts.

Reporters called Vadim Bosom, however, after the voiced questions, the judge said that there were “communication problems” and hung up. He did not answer further calls. The judge did not answer the question of journalists in the WhatsApp messenger, although he read them.

Recall that on July 17 last year, NABU handed suspicions to the head of the Kiev District Administrative Court Pavel Vovk, his deputy Yevgeny Ablov, six judges and the head of the State Judicial Administration Zenoviy Kholodnyuk. They are suspected of trying to seize state power. The suspicions of NABU and SAP are based on the study of the recordings of conversations in Vovk’s office.

On September 1, 2020, the High Council of Justice rejected the petition of the Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova and refused to dismiss Pavel Vovk and other judges of the OASK involved in the case.

Vovk himself was twice put on the wanted list. On December 24, NABU detectives handed the head of the OASK a summons to the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court. However, he refuses to give, referring to Article 63 of the Constitution, which allows a citizen of Ukraine not to testify against himself.