Burger King enters the Ukrainian market

Burger King

The fact that the global fast food chain Burger King is entering the Ukrainian market was announced by the restaurateur Igor Sukhomlin and told by two top managers in the restaurant and marketing market. According to them, the Okko filling station will develop the network.

The press service of “Okko” answered Retailers that they are considering cooperation with various international brands, but it is too early to talk about it: “the company has not yet finally decided.”

Restaurateur Igor Sukhomlin wrote on his Facebook page today, April 9, that the Okko gas station network had bought the franchise of a McDonald’s competitor – Burger King. Sukhomlin declined to answer questions from the Retailers on this topic.

A top manager in the restaurant market told Retailers that the parties actually signed an agreement and Okko is already looking for a management team and premises for future establishments.

“But I don’t know whether it’s a franchise agreement or not,” the top manager said.

On the website rabota.ua in one of the vacancy announcements “Okko” (published on March 29) it is said that the company is looking for “an HR business partner for a new franchise project of the restaurant direction, which the company will implement in Ukraine.”

A senior source in one of the marketing companies told the Retailers that according to him, Okko is issuing Burger King trademarks in Ukraine. Perhaps we are talking about the re-registration of trademarks, since back in 2011 the parent company Burger King issued trademarks in Ukraine: Burger King (now registered with Burger King Corp.), Burger King, Zrobi in its own way, Dom Whopper, Home of the Whopper, BK and BK.

The press service of Okko replied to the Retailers’ inquiry: “We are considering and always looking for various options for the development of the food segment of our network. We are also considering cooperation with various international brands. But it’s too early to talk about who it will be, the aforementioned brand (Burger King – ed.) Or someone else, we have not yet finally decided.”

The other day on the facade of the restaurant Igor Sukhomlin’s premises near the PinchukArtCentre, Burger King banners with the words “Coming Soon” and 17 April were placed. Later it turned out that this is an advertisement for a speech by the marketing director of the global company Burger King in Ukraine – Fernando Machado, which will take place on April 17. On it, he plans to talk about how to create global creative companies.

This is not Burger King’s first attempt to enter the Ukrainian market. In 2011, the Russian franchisee Burger Rus was planning to develop the network in Ukraine. Ivan Shestov, Marketing Director of Burger King in Russia, responded to the Retailers’ request: “Russian Burger King does not have information about what is happening in Ukraine. We recommend contacting Burger King headquarters. ”

Burger King chain was founded in 1954 in the USA and is part of Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI). The network unites 17,800 restaurants around the world.

The Burger King franchise comes in three formats:

– Institutional. The restaurant can be located in government buildings, sports facilities, airports, railway and bus stations.

– Traditional. This is a full-size Burger King restaurant that can operate as a stand-alone building or inside another location such as a shopping mall.

– Unconventional. These Burger King restaurants are located at gas stations, retail buildings, catering, etc.

The company’s website indicates the conditions for franchisees in the United States: experience in the restaurant market, a lump-sum fee of $ 50,000 for one restaurant (for a 20-year period), royalties – 4.5% of monthly gross sales, advertising fund – 4.0% of monthly gross sales. For each market, the terms of the franchise may be different.

Okko owns over 400 filling stations in Ukraine. In addition, it is developing a non-fuel area, which, among other things, consists of more than 30 restaurants under the brands A la minute, Pasta Mia and Meiwei.