Игорь Коломойский

The United States has publicly recognized oligarch Igor Kolomoisky as involved in corruption and imposed restrictive measures against him and his family. This is stated in the statement of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, published on the website of the State Department.

“Today I am announcing sanctions against the oligarch and former Ukrainian official Igor Kolomoisky for his involvement in significant corruption,” the statement said.

As the State Department explained, Kolomoisky, being the head of the Dnipropetrovsk region from 2014 to 2015, was involved in corrupt practices that “blew up the rule of law and the faith of the Ukrainian public in the democratic institutions of his government and social processes,” including using his political influence and official authority for personal gain.

“While this definition is based on the actions he committed during his tenure, I also want to express my concern about Kolomoisky’s ongoing and ongoing efforts to undermine Ukraine’s democratic processes and institutions, which pose a serious threat to its future,” the secretary said.

This decision is made in accordance with section 7031 of the Appropriations for Government, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Act 2020.

In addition to Igor Kolomoisky, his closest relatives were included in the list of sanctions: his wife Irina Kolomoiskaya, daughter Anzhelika Kolomoisky and son Israel Zvi Kolomoisky.

“This action deprives Igor Kolomoisky and each of these next of kin of the right to enter the United States,” the statement said.

“This designation confirms the US commitment to support political, economic and justice reforms, which are key on Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic path. The United States continues to support all Ukrainians whose work promotes reform. The Department will continue to use such bodies to prosecute corrupt officials in the region and around the world,” said Blinken.